Winter 2016 – season end ranking

This is a little late, but a couple of friends suggested I make a season ending ranking list so that they have and idea of what to watch and what to avoid. These chaps are kind to make me suffer on their behalf, so like the good guinea pig that I am, here’s a (very) quick rundown of the shows last season — from the best to the worst, and all the way down to the outright abominable. Let’s do this! Continue reading

Winter 2016 – Week 12 in Review

This week had some shows ending and others preparing to end. That’s basically it. I know it sounds boring, but that’s pretty much what happened, apparently. Thankfully, the body count wasn’t all that bad. I was kinda expecting some of the shows to simply blow themselves up, but there were also a couple others that ended so abruptly and without finesse that I couldn’t figure out whether or not I should be annoyed or amused. Anyway, I’m just glad the viewing list got knocked down a couple tiers. So let’s do this!

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