Introductions – Welcome to Anima & Anime!


Whew, that took a lot of effort.

I’m not alien to WordPress, but I never really had to do everything from scratch all by myself. In my old translation group, we used to have a guy who specializes in CSS and HTML5, so I usually just described what it was I wanted, and he’d regurgitate some kind of monstrosity that could be summed up as a “blog”.

But whatever. All I need is a platform to throw my thoughts into – and this is it. It’s WordPress.COM, but I think I can manage with a couple aesthetic tweaks here and there. It’s functional, so that’s all that matters.


The only people who are gonna read this are probably my friends who are aware of this project. Yes, I want to talk about more things aside from those that I’m usually restricted to in Crunchyroll. Not that it’s restricting to begin with, rather, I find myself wanting. Recently, I’ve been frequenting the blogs of many other writers out there, and it looks like a great way to gain experience. Needless to say, I felt like something was nagging me to start my own blog. I dunno, this might work or it might not. Who cares. I just want to share my thoughts on something I’m very passionate about.

So enough words and on to the previews. By the way, follow me on twitter and share this blog please! I needs supports!

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