Anniversary Update!


Holy crap, it’s already been one year…

Anima & AnimeĀ is one year old. šŸ˜®

To be honest, I got into blogging as a sideline to my main article duties inĀ CrunchyRoll before being ingloriously sacked thanks to restructuring within the Newsletter. But the word “restructuring” is probably a euphemism for something more unpleasant. The truth is that the Newsletter was a remnant of the website’s more user-centric days, given that I had been around since its conception as a site moderator.

But yeah, I kinda felt the whole need for the Newsletter was fading away, and probably that’s why I decided to pour out my anime frustrations into my own personal website. I know I don’t post as often as I should, but many people keep telling me that blogging really is a matter of your own personal capacity. Unless you’re seriously trying to monetize it, you don’t necessarily have to pull out content every single day.

And so I’m not really that surprised that my year-end stats aren’t exactly anything to brag about. But here they are, anyway: Continue reading