Spring 2017 – Initial Impressions



Man, this is a pretty stressful season as early as the first two weeks. And I say that because there are just so many shows, and yet at the same time not all of them are leaving that good of an impression. This was a pretty weak start to a season, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve ever experienced something like this. But maybe that’s because there are three or four more shows that are still coming up. Regardless, I feel like most of the shows have some serious work to do if they want to keep things interesting this season.

And to some extent, that actually makes things a little exciting. But if your’e the kinda person who wants to be sure about what they’re watching, I suggest holding out until mid-season, once the shows have more or less established themselves.

So yeah, let’s run down the mess of a season we have before us, from my favorite to my least! This is Spring 2017! Continue reading

Spring 2017 – Previews (Part 2)


Alright! It’s time for round two of the Spring 2017 previews, and already I’m starting to lose patience for the shows. This second batch of misfits has been pretty much fifty-fifty, half of them being okay, and the other half just downright infuriating. So for this entry we’ve got gadgets and gearsgoths and floriststime benders and forget-me-nots, and… puppy love?

Yeah, that last one came out of nowhere. Anyway, enough chit chat and let’s DO THIS! Continue reading