Winter 2017 – Previews (Part I)


Down-foward+fierce punch–HAIYAAAAH!!

Straight into the gut this Winter 2017! Hell yeah, let’s start things off with a bang! Strip down to the bare essentials and just go crazy this 2017!

But seriously, there are quite a lot of interesting titles this up-coming season, and I’ve literally flooded my viewing list with well 12-odd-so titles to check. One of them is an OVA (which I will be posting a review of soon), and the other is a weird specimen that has an obscure release schedule over the year. But yeah, just as with the previous seasons, I’ll be doing my previews in a piecemeal fashion as the shows trickle in throughout the week, ultimately summarizing all my feels in a week-end rundown. If you want to see my full list of titles, do check my myanimelist for a full listing. And while you’re at it, please add me as a friend — I’d be so down to knowing how similar/different our tastes are in animu.

So this week, we have magical princesses, old-fashioned comedians, adorable seers, and hyper-powered exhibitionists. As early as the first week, Winter 2017 really is turning out to be one really weird season. So let’s run ’em down! Continue reading