Short Vacation


Okay, I’m gonna be honest. You won’t see me posting anything for a while. The picture above is pretty much my excuse.

To be clear, I fell out of video gaming since the days of the Playstation 2, and I’ve only ever had casual fare with the PS Vita (yes, that’s kinda “casual” for me), and whatever fremium games there are on iOS (iDOLM@STER… curse you and your limited-time events!).

But as far as console gaming is concerned, the PS2 was the last one I purchased up front. I started with the NES and have been pretty much a low-key Nintendo fan up to the N64. I loved the Gamecube, but I skipped it in favor of the PS2, and even the Wii was just a “let me visit your house to play” kinda thing, since I wasn’t really sold on the whole motion-control concept.

But when it comes to Zelda, damn where do I begin. I first played Ocarina of time before trying out (but not finishing) Majora’s Mask (a bit meh), then A Link to the Past (epic), Windwaker (so much fun), and then the first two Zelda’s: the original Legend of Zelda and the Adventures of Link. I also remember playing Link’s awakening on the Gameboy Color (called Zelda DX in Japan), but don’t recall finishing it because I was playing a Japanese cart at the time (and I didn’t know that much Japanese apart from the occasional Kana). But suffice it to know that Breath of the Wild was enough reason to rekindle my interest in console gaming — and all the more since the Switch was marketed in a way to sort of “call back” the lost Nintendo kiddies. And Jesus Christ tap-dancing on a pogo stick, did it work.

So yeah, why am I talking about this? Well, I’m pretty much gonna lay low for a while, but I still hope to bring out some very concise “thoughts”, but very unlikely to be a side A/B thing like I’ve been doing for the Majority of this season. But don’t worry, this will only last for March, I believe. Thereafter, things will slowly get back to normal… if Zelda permits.

So yeah, just an update post. I’m packing my bags as we speak, and I’m literally smacking my hands every time they’re itching to pick up the Switch. Man, the struggle is real…

Speaking of which, perhaps I should share my short near-heart attack experience getting this thing. I actually had it pre-ordered over at, but on Thursday afternoon, they sent me an email saying that my payment was declined, so I updated the payment details with another credit card, only to be told that they cancelled my pre-order. When I tried to see if I could snag another one, well whaddaya know, no more stock.

F**k you Amazon. F**k you.

And the thing is, I purchased the games and accessories through a separate order, so those things were gonna push through, no problem. Just great. I’m gonna get games and accessories, but no console to use them on. How retarded is that? So there I was, scrambling to find a site that would offer a Switch for delivery, but I the other worry I had was that I was leaving for my trip this Sunday, and I couldn’t afford going with a delivery that might end up with the unit being delivered the following week.

That’s when a mate of mine pointed me towards GAMEwhich is sorta like the Gamestop of the UK. I called the closest branch and they said they “might” have units for pick-up in case I didn’t have a pre-order, but that I’d have to come early because it’d be “first come, first serve”.

Little did that GAME employee know that he was talking to someone who lined up for an N64 in the past. You underestimate me, child. Challenge accepted.


That was 6PM, and I was lined up in front of the store at 7PM, accompanied by cool kid named Jim (not his real name) and his Mom. I actually arrived before they did but felt a bit awkward lining up all by myself, so I thought to step into a nearby COSTA, only to see Jim and his mom a few minutes later prop up some foldable chairs in front of GAME. Respect!

So yeah, I basically waited in line for the Switch, and I was able to snag one of only FIVE walk-in units. So close! But man, was it worth it. I had a blast talking with strangers about video games and basically reliving the gamer life. It was so much fun re-experiencing how video games can actually bring people together, and that the smack that many gamers get in this day and age due to the violence and over-competitive nature of video games isn’t really all that true. Just look at Games done Quick or check out Captain Nintendo Dude’s one-month wait for the Switch on YouTube. Call them crazy, but I be damned if they aren’t passionate, amazing people.

So yeah, that was a fun experience. And I got my Switch, and I’m enjoying Zelda Breath of the Wild, and I’m turning into a hermit and ignoring my Animu. But yeah, just an update. So I’ll see you guys around! Until next time, Ciao!


5 thoughts on “Short Vacation

  1. Karandi March 4, 2017 / 20:00

    It’s been a long time since I’ve really been into consoles (like N64 long time tough I did have a PS2 and I have a Wii that I use mostly for fitness). While the switch looks interesting I don’t think it is going to lure me away from PC gaming, though once people have had a bit of time on them I might re-evaluate that.
    Hope you have fun with Zelda though.

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    • edsamac March 4, 2017 / 20:03

      That’s the thing, though. I can imagine PC gamers having a switch on the side if they feel like gaming on the go. I personally liked the PS Vita and mobile gaming in general because I’m usually out and about, and I don’t have much time at home to sit down and actually play. So I guess I fall quite nicely into that demographic of people who would play console games occasionally at home, but are more often than not up and about.

      And the Switch is the first to offer console-level AAA titles on the go. It’s something really special, I think.

      And yeah, I’m definitely having a blast with Zelda atm. Thanks for dropping by!

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      • Karandi March 4, 2017 / 20:21

        I think that’s probably why I’m not so interested. I only game when I’m at home and have a bit of time to kill. When I’m out I wouldn’t have the time to focus on a game anyway.


  2. moonhawk81 March 4, 2017 / 21:46

    Well, I hope you enjoy! But I’ll miss your reviews–to be honest, I’ve wondered all this time where you find the time to be so prolific. I’m actually pretty envious. But you’ve earned a break, so go swash that buckle(?)!!!


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