[Update] Restoring order…



I know I said previously that I was now “free”, and that I’d have more time to write stuff… but then I finally returned home from the UK and found my internet disconnected at home and have since spent the last 2 or 3 weeks fighting over customer service to get decent internet back whilst trying to figure out a way to finish the remaining anime that was left “stock piled” over the last few weeks.

Man, it was hectic.

Anyway, good news is that I’ve finally updated myself with animu and even had the added bonus of (finally) getting my college letter, which states that I was awarded my masters with distinction. Naise. Now it’s time for me to throw it into my CV and shoot for that scholarship in Japan I’ve always wanted. Let’s hope that goes without a hitch.

So yeah, it’s back to anime for me, yey! Expect a season end wrap up (as usual) in a bit, and after that a couple random articles running up to the previews for this incoming Fall 2017 season. See ya!

[update] I’m baaaaack!!


Title of this post pretty much says it all. Give or take a few other things I have to sort out for my dissertation, at least the bulk of the writing is over and done with, and I’ve already submitted whatever is worth 10,000 words of a grade over to the university.

It’s like someone pulled out a huuuuuge thorn out of my side.

That said, what’s left in the wake is a slew of unfinished anime that’s 5-6 episodes deep per show. What that means is that I’ve had to put my foot down and slash out shows I couldn’t really half-ass myself to trudge through for the sake of finishing, the result being four-or-so shows hitting the bucket. And for some reason, I don’t really feel like it was a waste.

Heck, I don’t even know what’s showing yet this season, so I have A LOT of catching up to do. Chances are, I’ll make a Spring 2017 end season ranking list for the sake of completion, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make any previews for summer (not as if they mean anything at this point anymore), and I might not even do any weekly reviews for the time being. Instead, I’ll focus on some select articles on topics I’ve shelved since who knows when. Plus, if anything, I plan on focusing on doing re-watch reviews on the Monogatari Series to compliment the currently airing continuation to Owarimonogatari (okay, so I DID have an idea of what shows are showing this season). Plus, I watched a couple anime movies during my hiatus (hey, can you blame me?) because, hey I can.

So yeah, I’m kinda excited to get back to writing. LET’S DO THIS!!!

Short Vacation


Okay, I’m gonna be honest. You won’t see me posting anything for a while. The picture above is pretty much my excuse.

To be clear, I fell out of video gaming since the days of the Playstation 2, and I’ve only ever had casual fare with the PS Vita (yes, that’s kinda “casual” for me), and whatever fremium games there are on iOS (iDOLM@STER… curse you and your limited-time events!).

But as far as console gaming is concerned, the PS2 was the last one I purchased up front. I started with the NES and have been pretty much a low-key Nintendo fan up to the N64. I loved the Gamecube, but I skipped it in favor of the PS2, and even the Wii was just a “let me visit your house to play” kinda thing, since I wasn’t really sold on the whole motion-control concept.

But when it comes to Zelda, damn where do I begin. I first played Ocarina of time before trying out (but not finishing) Majora’s Mask (a bit meh), then A Link to the Past (epic), Windwaker (so much fun), and then the first two Zelda’s: the original Legend of Zelda and the Adventures of Link. I also remember playing Link’s awakening on the Gameboy Color (called Zelda DX in Japan), but don’t recall finishing it because I was playing a Japanese cart at the time (and I didn’t know that much Japanese apart from the occasional Kana). But suffice it to know that Breath of the Wild was enough reason to rekindle my interest in console gaming — and all the more since the Switch was marketed in a way to sort of “call back” the lost Nintendo kiddies. And Jesus Christ tap-dancing on a pogo stick, did it work.

So yeah, why am I talking about this? Well, I’m pretty much gonna lay low for a while, but I still hope to bring out some very concise “thoughts”, but very unlikely to be a side A/B thing like I’ve been doing for the Majority of this season. But don’t worry, this will only last for March, I believe. Thereafter, things will slowly get back to normal… if Zelda permits. Continue reading