[update] I’m baaaaack!!


Title of this post pretty much says it all. Give or take a few other things I have to sort out for my dissertation, at least the bulk of the writing is over and done with, and I’ve already submitted whatever is worth 10,000 words of a grade over to the university.

It’s like someone pulled out a huuuuuge thorn out of my side.

That said, what’s left in the wake is a slew of unfinished anime that’s 5-6 episodes deep per show. What that means is that I’ve had to put my foot down and slash out shows I couldn’t really half-ass myself to trudge through for the sake of finishing, the result being four-or-so shows hitting the bucket. And for some reason, I don’t really feel like it was a waste.

Heck, I don’t even know what’s showing yet this season, so I have A LOT of catching up to do. Chances are, I’ll make a Spring 2017 end season ranking list for the sake of completion, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make any previews for summer (not as if they mean anything at this point anymore), and I might not even do any weekly reviews for the time being. Instead, I’ll focus on some select articles on topics I’ve shelved since who knows when. Plus, if anything, I plan on focusing on doing re-watch reviews on the Monogatari Series to compliment the currently airing continuation to Owarimonogatari (okay, so I DID have an idea of what shows are showing this season). Plus, I watched a couple anime movies during my hiatus (hey, can you blame me?) because, hey I can.

So yeah, I’m kinda excited to get back to writing. LET’S DO THIS!!!

Turning 30 and still watching animu


I’m pretty sure someone’s given you that look before, and it was probably followed up by something along the lines of really, you still watch cartoons?

The left half of my brain starts churning up arguments like cartoons ≠ animé, while my right half starts contemplating on the merits of Japanese animation as a unique medium of expression — only for me to end up responding with a rather underwhelming: yup.

I mean, there’s no denying it. Yes, I’m turning thirty. And yes, I still watch cartoons if that’s what you want to call it. There’s no point in analyzing the hermeneutics of animation with someone who thinks anything colorful and drawn is essentially a cartoon. But before you call me out as a pretentious Animé “supremacist” (if that is even a title), I’ll have you know that I actually DO enjoy watching western cartoons as well, although not as passionately or regularly as I would Japanese animation. Heck, I have cousins who work as animators in the United States, so any snide comments about the animation industry in general is tantamount to insulting them.

But really, I’m not here to argue about why people think Animé (or cartoons, whatever) are assumed to be made for younger audiences. And I’m not here to argue with people who assume I should be spending my time doing more “adult-like” things. To be honest, what I do with my spare time is no one’s effing business. But what’s really interesting, to me at least, is how I feel (personally) about watching anime now that I’m turning a decade older. Continue reading