[Rant] Internet Down!

Dagashi Kashi.gif

Please bear with me. There’s a backstory to this whole escapade that kinda annoyed me more than just not being able to post content… even though I had a bunch of stuff I was just itching to share.

So yeah, it was Monday and my flatmates were texting on our WhatsApp group around lunchtime that the internet was down, and that some of them were agonizing over the fact that they needed it to do work in the evening, yada-yada. They basically started asking who they should contact, and the senior house resident gives them some info on how to go about reporting the incident, given he can’t do it himself since he’s working part time at a pizza joint to earn for his tuition.

And so I make it through the rest of the day and come home at around six in the evening only to find no internet. I asked around if anyone called IT — apparently, no one did.

Okay, let me just stop for a moment to kinda parse this situation together. The internet goes down in a shared apartment around lunch time. People are told to contact IT for support to resolve the issue. Because, you know, internet is like a basic need now. Six hours later… no one bothered to call IT? Continue reading

[Rant] Composition and Anime


Warning: this is gonna be a rant.

I haven’t really done rants on this blog yet, but suffice it to know that I actually do it quite often. Every season, there’s always a show or two that just doesn’t meet up to your standards, but every now and then there’s that one show that is just so amazingly bad that it manages to even be offensive. The last show I remember that reached that magnitude of awfulness was Kuma Miko back in Spring 2016… The culprit this season is none other than Occultic;nine.

And there are many reasons to hate this show — from its highly convoluted premise, to its heavy reliance on conspiracy theories turned chuunibyou-technobabble nonsense — but if there’s one thing to absolutely despise in this show, it’s the god awful cinematography and composition.

And I think I have enough experience in Photography (having grown up under the tutelage of a serious hardcore film camera-weilding father) to say that none of the compositional sense in this show makes… er, sense. Although the sensibilities in still photography and cinematography may differ, they share the same principles in basic framing and composition. Heck, just look at the mess of shots there are in this show! Continue reading