Winter 2017 – Previews (Part I)


Down-foward+fierce punch–HAIYAAAAH!!

Straight into the gut this Winter 2017! Hell yeah, let’s start things off with a bang! Strip down to the bare essentials and just go crazy this 2017!

But seriously, there are quite a lot of interesting titles this up-coming season, and I’ve literally flooded my viewing list with well 12-odd-so titles to check. One of them is an OVA (which I will be posting a review of soon), and the other is a weird specimen that has an obscure release schedule over the year. But yeah, just as with the previous seasons, I’ll be doing my previews in a piecemeal fashion as the shows trickle in throughout the week, ultimately summarizing all my feels in a week-end rundown. If you want to see my full list of titles, do check my myanimelist for a full listing. And while you’re at it, please add me as a friend — I’d be so down to knowing how similar/different our tastes are in animu.

So this week, we have magical princesses, old-fashioned comedians, adorable seers, and hyper-powered exhibitionists. As early as the first week, Winter 2017 really is turning out to be one really weird season. So let’s run ’em down! Continue reading

Fall 2016 – Previews (Part 4)

Oops. This is a little late because I got a little busy over the weekend. Nevertheless, all the shows are in, and it’s finally time to wrap up this Fall 2016 preview guide. I honestly wasn’t expecting to hit my regular 4-part preview post, but hey, there WERE two shows thrown into the mix that I had no intention of watching. To round things up, we’ve got parallel worlds and (not so) parallel boobs, er… ghouls? I dunno what that last one is about, really, but yeah here goes– Continue reading

Fall 2016 – Previews (Part 3)


Oh yes. Oh, oh yes.

It’s finally here. Sound! Euphonium 2 is just as grand a production in as graceful an execution as you’d expect, and its first episode comes to us as an extended pilot viewing. But that’s not the only thing that wowed me for this third installment of previews. Yet again do I catch wind of “that one show”, and this time around it’s about ice skating and flabby abdomens. Yup, I’m talking about Yuri!!! on Ice, which for many reasons has reignited my interest in this year’s fall offerings. I may have said I thought this season was dull, but boy was I delightfully misinformed. Continue reading

Fall 2016 – previews (Part 2)

Anime shows are always like this. Even though you tell yourself you’re only gonna watch “x” number of shows, you always get wind of that “one show” everyone’s talking about. I don’t like bandwagons or hype, but man was I glad I didn’t miss the chance to watch this. Of course, I’m referring to Izetta: The Last Witch. But this isn’t going to be another “preview” masquerading as a “previewS”. There’s actually one other show I’m going to be sharing today, and it just so happens to fit quite well with Izetta, it being about spirits and the demon realm. Continue reading

Fall 2016 – Previews (Part 1)


Correction: it should be PREVIEW minus the “s”. Yep, there’s only one show in this preview. So why don’t I just title it Preview of [show name]? Consistency, my friend. I’m a victim of OCD, bring me some Sertraline.

The other reason is that all the other shows I plan on watching air much later in the week. That and the fact that I’m only planning on watching five shows this season… unless someone insists that I check out so-and-so. But yeah, this post is just an extended preview for the first episode of — Continue reading

Summer 2016 – Previews (Part 4)

It’s the final stretch for the summer previews. I honestly wanted to put another four in this round up, but the remaining titles didn’t inspire me as much, so I’m finishing off this list with three more titles: a psychic, a bunch of cops, and a father and daughter. Summer 2016 really is an odd mix of titles, and I’m kinda amiss to guess where any of these titles are headed. It’s a wild card game indeed, but that ain’t stopping us from having fun. Let’s do this!

Psycho Mob 100


Coming from the mind that brought us One Punch ManPsycho Mob 100 easily falls into a very peculiar demographic, what with its decidedly unique character designs and off-the-wall humor. There’s a mix of hype and high expectations when this is paired with the talents of Studio BONES, but this first episode hardly meets any of that. For one, it’s quite dull, underwhelming and pretty much not that engaging. Apart from the hit and miss comedy, there’s the obviously sloppy-looking character designs that might not exactly be inviting for the average viewer. But for its worth as an animation, this is definitely top tier. Continue reading

Summer 2016 – Previews (Part 3)

The shows just keep coming! For this preview, two Visual Art’s/Key shows, more OP teens, and dancing puppets. Yes, that sounds very weird, but that’s exactly what this season is shaping up to be — weird and markedly divisive. Oh well, let’s break it down!



It’s been a while since I’ve watched anything that was based off of a Visual Art’s/KEY visual novel, but I don’t recall them ever being this kooky. The brand has seen better days with memorable titles like CLANNAD and Kanon. The more recent titles like Angel Beats and Little Busters were either divisive or overly esoteric. Rewrite seems to continue that trend of eccentric storytelling that makes me wonder if it’s just me growing out of stories like this or just the brand being its good ‘ole self. For one, it plays off like Continue reading

Summer 2016 – Previews (Part 2)

It took a while for the next batch of shows to air — or at least those that were on my list. So far, the season has been okay, but nothing really grand enough to phone home mom about. For this preview, we’ve got sluggers, video game junkies, gun fights, and shipwrecks. It’s quite the slew of genres, so let’s get cracking!


Taboo Tattoo


A show about overpowered teenagers getting involved in top secret government programs is the stuff of shounen fantasy, and is basically what litters the first episode of Taboo Tattoo. If the opening sequence of over-the-top/overused anime tropes wasn’t enough to give you an idea of what this show was about, think Kurokami meets Shakugan no Shana. Not surprising, either, that this show was Continue reading

Summer 2016 – Previews (Part 1)

I wasn’t able to provide a list of shows that I was planning to watch, but you can check it out over at my MAL. Either way, it’s still a pretty formidable list that will likely get knocked down a couple levels as the days go by — but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to watch as many first episodes as I can to help navigate you guys through the busy Summer season. So let’s get started then, shall we?




The premise is simple enough — given the chance to relive your high school life, how would you do it? For Kaizaki Arata at least, he doesn’t have much of a choice after signing up for a fishy experiment whilst being half-drunk. Though I’m pretty sure most people will be split between actually enjoying the carefree adolescent life versus the dread of reliving the labors of puberty, ReLIFE successfully navigates its way through this hypothetical question in its pilot episode. Continue reading

Spring 2016 – Episode Previews (Part 4)

Final set of previews for the first episodes of most of the shows this Spring 2016 season. I say “most” because there were quite a number of other shows that I skipped, either because they were sequels or they didn’t really appeal to me that much. But even without those titles, I’m pretty much covered for the next three months. For this last edition, we have two trigger titles, a slice-of-life, and another special anniversary release. So let’s break it down!

Space Patrol Luluco


Anything that flies out of Trigger Studios’ doors is likely to be something zany and original, if not remarkably obtuse and uninhibited. Space Patrol Luluco is definitely the latter, blending artistic flourishes reminiscent of past Gainax hit Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and wacky humor akin to Kill la Kill. The show focuses on the not-so-normal life of a normal girl named Luluco who reluctantly takes her father’s place as a member of a local space patrol bureau after he accidentally freezes himself. Her job is to essentially find and apprehend rogue aliens by using a body suit that morphs her entire body into a pistol. Continue reading